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Our custom t-shirt printing is for all sizes, designs, images, and colors.

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About Moeddin Inc.

Moeddin Inc provides same day service for custom logo printing, t-shirts, custom banners, and many more that fits your needs. Moeddin Inc also provides same day services on special events like weddings, sports leagues, birthdays, and many more. Moeddin Inc specializes in same day custom t-shirt, custom sticker, coffee mugs, banners, decals, car stickers, family reunion shirts, custom name on jerseys, screen printing, logo printing, buttons, and customer embroidery at a reasonable price. Moeddin Inc also offers the lowest rates for bulk orders. Moeddin Inc is also doing business as iCustom.

Customized Shirt Printing & More

We can print nearly any surface with any design, size and color you can imagine or dream up with our state of the art printing technologies. Our prices are based on quantity, so the more you purchase, the better deals you’ll get. Orders of 25 or more shirts can be printed for $5 per shirt, but we’re perfectly happy to do smaller orders or even single items If you’re not really sure how to translate your idea from your imagination to a finished product, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you to create the perfect design for your needs, whatever it may be!